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Buy sunrocks strain, also known as “SunRocks” or “The Sunrocks,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) that is typically made up of an assortment of different OG Kush family members. This bud is an updated version of the coveted MoonRocks variety, taking its potency to a whole new level that even Snoop Dogg won’t smoke, hitting THC levels of up to 80%. Sunrocks are created through taking a highly potent and super dense OG Kush nug, rolling it in high-potency wax and then coating it with kief.

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Sunrocks strain is similar to MoonRocks, which are nugs completely coated in oil and rolled in kief. They look like a green version of powdered donut holes or munchkins. However, Sunrocks look different and rumor has it they will get you even higher.

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